Legrand on-premise CRM

Legrand on-premise CRM is a client-server solution that runs on your server in your office.  It includes a desktop CRM application for people in the office and a web CRM application for remote team members.

It integrates with MYOB AccountRight 19, MYOB AccountRight 2017 (using the data file installed in your network, not the cloud backup file) and also with MYOB EXO. 

Customer information, including address details and account balances, flow from MYOB to Legrand CRM.    Your sales team works in Legrand CRM and does not need to have MYOB open to see the customer's aged balances and how  much they purchased last month, this month, last year and this year.  Depending on which AccountRight version you are using your CRM users can bring up MYOB invoice details in Legrand CRM. 

Is it right for your business?

Legrand client-server CRM is best suited for B2B businesses who:

  • want to have a central database of client information and interactions to ensure continuity when team members move on; OR
  • have an account team servicing repeat customers; OR
  • need to manage a sales pipeline; OR
  • want to capture new leads from their web site; OR
  • want to track Account Receivables follow-up actions; OR
  • want to standardise customer communications with email templates for such actions as information requests, quotations, receivables collection, service requests, et cetera; OR 
  • want to use MYOB sales information to build targeted lists for email campaigns using MailChimp or ConstantContact, and automatically see the results of the campaign in CRM; OR
  • need to manage Customer Service issues all the way to resolution; OR
  • want a central repository of client details and activities to ensure any team member can pick up a call and respond to a customer query

Easily track sales activities and monitor your sales pipeline

Straight forward Account and Contact Management

Keep your entire team in the loop and working together 

Accounting Integration

Legrand CRM integrates seamlessly with  MYOB enabling you to easily link customer records between the two systems. By linking your accounting software with Legrand CRM, you can maintain complete and up-to-date customer lists throughout your organisation. When you view a MYOB  customer in Legrand CRM you see their current balances, recent sales summaries and the list of all invoices.

Desktop & Web Edition

Legrand's on-premise CRM runs on your server and includes both Desktop and Web applications. 
If you prefer to have  is an ideal solution for a company that prefers the flexibility of retaining management of the CRM application and data on a private server, with the option to provide access conveniently to remote and mobile workers via an internet browser.

Outlook Integration

The Legrand Outlook AddIn is a significant productivity tool.
With a single mouse click you can transfer an email from Outlook to Legrand CRM, thereby instantly creating a permanent record of significant customer emails in their CRM record.
As you click on an email that a CRM panel inside Outlook shows you the latest activities with that person and any outstanding tasks.  From within Outlook you can create new CRM contacts, activity notes, follow-up tasks and new sales opportunities.

Opportunity / Sales Pipeline

Building a sales pipeline is a best practice for achieving revenue goals. A sales pipeline may also be referred to as opportunities, leads, deals, or a sales funnel. Each opportunity in a sales pipeline progress through defined stages in a sales process. In Legrand CRM, you can input your organisation’s sales process and associated stages to track the progress of the opportunity through its life cycle.

A solution designed for YOU

Those are just some of the benefits that the Legrand CRM on-premise solution can offer.  We offer a number of optional modules and customisation services that enable you to build a solution that meets your requirements. For instance, integration with email marketing providers MailChimp® and Constant Contact®, an optional quote generation module that integrates with the sales pipeline, optional MYOB Sales Reporting, integration with your web site, et cetera.
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